What an exciting month it’s been! We wanted to let you know just how thankful we are for YOU. Without the donations, kind mentions, and time that everyone puts toward the Gary Effect, it wouldn’t be growing the way that it is! So now, it’s time to say thanks!

We’ve composed a few rules to explain things for ya:
1) Perform a “Random Act of Kindness”
2) POST it! To our website (Hit the “Speak Up!” button/comment below and tell us your story) OR Twitter/Instagram (don’t forget to hashtag it #garyeffectwin)
3) The winner will be announced January 6, 2015 at 5:00 PM (Central time).

You’re going to win some Gary Effect gear and a “Random Acts of Kindness/Pay it Forward” kit! We’ll stop there, you know we love surprises!

As swell as Gary was, so is the love of his life, Melba, our Mom! We’re excited to host this contest in honor of her birthday, January 6! Happy birthday, Mom!


ONLY 12 more days until The Gary Effect hits the town!

Time passes so quickly doesn’t it! We’ve been so busy here at The Gary Effect , we almost forgot to sleep! We don’t mind one bit 🙂

As we’ve been sending out The Gary Effect troops to ’round up gifts, toys, treats and more, we thought we’d share some exciting news with you! We are pleased to say we will be heading out for TWO days this year! Why be nice once, when you can be nice twice?! We will be heading out on December 22nd and December 23rd this year! Stay tuned for details, we’re so excited to share them with you! Only 12 days left!

Love is love!

T’was two nights before Christmas…

and all through my house… presents are scattered, no room for a mouse!!!


HAHA hey everyone! Merry Christmas and GaryEffect Day eve!  Can you believe it’s here already???  I just wanted to make sure, everyone knows, if they want to volunteer to be at the south/east corner of Salter/Stella at 1030hrs tomorrow morning  (monday, December 23, 2013)  sharp please!! It’s going to be a very cold one… dress warm!!  Brrrrrr!

I also just wanted to make sure you all checked this out!!:


2013 - 1172 smiles


What is this??? 

It is 1198 smiles all ready and wrapped to roll in just a few more hours!!!!

HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s donated, attended the fundraiser, promoted the fundraiser and our cause, who’s coming out to volunteer in the morning, and who’s come out in the past, who support us and believing in what we do – doing it on their own, or with us, or just cheering us on!! This experience truly humbles me! You take my breath away!!!

Also I’d like to give a huge special thank u to all my WPS elves who spent endless hours of their own time working diligently to get ALL these presents wrapped and ready to go! The city is so lucky to have u… For those of u that don’t know… My Wps family ( including the wpa )are huge supporters of our cause…These are people with huge huge hearts… Always there to help… Not only in times of crisis, but behind the scenes and volunteering for the Gary effect. When I think of you, my eyes tear. I am truly blessed. The city is lucky to have u. I am lucky to have u. I love u. Xox

Okay everyone… In just 12 hours the party starts!!! I’m ready to rock this…After a nap! haha MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Be safe! And again, on behalf of all of our recipients…. THANK YOU!!!!



If you’ve been touched by a random act of kindness, whether through us, or anyone else… please don’t be shy, click on the ‘Speak Up’ tab! We really want to hear from you! It helps to keep the motivation going… and helps to spread those good happy feelings!! We love warm happy thoughts! Thank you!

Calling all volunteers for December 23rd!!!

HO HO HO!!!! It’s almost our favorite time of year!!!!


We will be heading out on Monday, December 23rd, to spread our cheer for the 3rd annual Gary Effect day!   We request that if you are interested in volunteering, please let us know by December 1st, if you will be participating! (You can contact us directly through this website!!).


We start at 1030 hours. Typically, we break up into two groups.  One group that is there for the entire day, until the presents are gone, the other, for those that have other commitments, and are only able to stay for 1 to 2 hours.  We will be holding a meeting in the very near future for those that are planning on coming out with more specific details.  If you have any specific locations you can suggest as to where we should attend, please shoot us a line! or any suggestions really!  Again, please contact us by December 1st, to let us know if you’ll be coming out, so we have an idea of how many volunteers there will be.


If anyone also has any of those long wooden sleds they are able to lend us, that would be amazing! it was a suggestion last year, that would be oh so helpful, to help santa tug those presents around on the sleighs!


It’s going to be a very merry Christmas… Can’t wait to get out there with my co-elves! 🙂