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  1. Wow I am alone today struggling with new cell ph am on flipboard and came across your Easter hunt story…I cried…It is so great to see in these times that people that can give a hand a smile and make a difference are still doing so in their own unique ways πŸ˜‡
    This put a smile on my face while being alone on Easter and a spark in my heart to keep hoping for a New Day !
    Bless you and all your giving hearts πŸ’•
    I would like to help be a part of giving to someone who has nothing and alone for I know how it feels and I believe wud lift my spirits in my tough times to be a part and to see the joy and smile on another person’s face as an act of Love
    I am not tech savvy so I hope this comment reaches the right destination

    • Hi sue! We’re so happy to hear how you were touched by the Gary effect! Please feel feee to reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram and we’ll set something g up to get you started with a Gary effect mission! But just remember, just a wave to a stranger has the potential to ripple thru many lives!

  2. What an amazing gesture! Thank you so much for doing this, I’m sure your dad is very proud. The world needs more kindness. If you could possibly send me a copy of the write-up you attached to the gifts I saw on the news, I would love to print it for when I buy those coffee’s.

    • Hi Shawna!

      We would love to send you some cards for the coffees! apologies for the late reply, please contact us by email at: info@garyeffect.ca or on our Twitter/Instagram @garyeffect

      Thank you for helping to pay it forward!

  3. Pretty darn awesome to honour your Dad that way. Very nice. Will give this some thought, see how we can continue the ripple or make another wave.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by Joan! We love to hear about how we’ve Gary effected everyone’s day!!! Your words mean a lot to us!! We hope you have an amazing Christmas Eve, Eve and even better holidays!! Xoxo

  4. Thank you. It was a nice surprise today when I was given a Timmy’s gift card.

    I was downtown and walking into the mall when I held a door open for a young lady who was a little bit behind me….which the 2 people exiting the building before me did not for me. Today was not unusual as I normally hold the door for people.

    With this Tim’s card it said for a coffee and donut….however when I use it I will use it to buy the person behind me their coffee….pay it forward!!!

    Great idea and great way to put a smile on a strangers face.

    Again….thank you.

    • Thank u for taking the time to come and visit! So glad we could brighten your day… And way to continue paying it forward with the Gary effect! You rock!! Have an amazing day! Xo

  5. Merry Christmas to all of you and I just need you to know how amazing you all are!!!
    Your surprise visit to the day care will forever be remembered by each and every child and their families. Kudos to you ALL! May God Bless all your future endeavours.

    • We do have a pretty awesome group, don’t we? The joy is what motivates them all, so glad the daycare loved it! Xoxo have a happy holiday!!

  6. My wife and I are fostering our young niece and today when we picked her up from Daycare we were given a note and a present from your group. First off, Thank you very much not only for the gift but for the feeling that comes with it. It has only been a few hours but your act has touched everyone who we have shared it with in a most wonderful way. The staff at the daycare were also very touched and thankful. Your gift is so much more than the toy she hasn’t put down since she got it. She has showed it to all and has said thank you, in her sweet little voice, a thousand times. So those thanks are for you! The power of a random act of kindness is amazing!! We’re so happy to have found out about your group and how it lights up so many lives. Merry Christmas to all!!!

    • Brooke and Fuscia, thank you for sharing. I’m starting my Christmas Eve off with tears in my eyes… But happy ones! I believe I speak for the entire group in saying this is exactly why we all do what we do. May you and your family have the most amazing holiday season and an even better 2015!

      PS. Glad she loved the toy!! Take care and all the best!

  7. Hi, I am a reporter with the Free Press and we are interested in running a story for the Dec. 24th issue. I was wondering if anyone would be free to do an interview and for a photo opportunity?

    • Thank you for doing just an awesome job with the article Brittany! We appreciate the support and you helping us to spread the word of kindness! It was a pleasure meeting you… all the best in 2015!!

    • We appreciate you coming to take the time to visit our page!! George, i think i speak on all of our volunteers when I say it is our pleasure. We just love the smiles! And as our group grows, you see there are tons of us in Winnipeg… and beyond! All the best in 2015! And again, thank you! πŸ™‚

  8. I just wanted to Thank you for the great unexpected random act of kindness It truly made my kids, and myself happy. First time ever experiencing something like that in my lifetime..lol.. God bless you all, and Happy Holidays!

    • Lisa, it was our pleasure to make your day! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about how we brightened your day! That’s what brings us joy! Happy holidays!!

      Ps. We hope it’s not the last time you experience something like that! Keep on rippling!

  9. Hi, I am the host of a Sunday night radio show on 101.5 UMFM. I was wondering if someone wold be interested in coming on the show this Sunday to talk about the Gary Effect. It’s my last show before Christmas.

    • Hi Christian!

      Please email us your contact information karen/at\thegaryeffect.ca and we’ll be in contact with you! We want to touch as many people as we can…. So thank you for your interest in having us on!

  10. We got nailed by the “Gary Effect” on Canada Day 2013 – we received two toy water pumps for our boys. Today is our son’s 4 birthday, he is outside playing with the water pump – just wanted to let you know our boys still play with the “Gary Effect” surprise.(toy)

    • Hi Jennifer!
      We’re glad your sons loved the toys! Thanks for coming by to let us know! We hope your sons continue to enjoy them next summer, try to stay warm until then, and take care!

  11. I would just like to say Thank You from my children and myself. During Christmas break my children were hit by random acts of kindess by “The Gary Effect” and I would like to say how fantastic it was to see and hear my kids reactions. They told their story to everyone, they were so touched by the gesture adding comments that they were to pay it forward now!! In a world that is increasingly becoming cruel and cynical..your acts of kindness have brought hope and happiness in such small ways. God bless you for your time, energy and kindness!! I would love to hear of any upcoming plans for future events!! We have a small group on facebook dedicated to random acts of kindness and I know there would be some that would love to help out or volunteer!!

    • Hi Kathy! Thanks for taking the time to share your words! We have a Facebook group that is updated often of events and happenings. It’s called “Random Acts of Kindness – in memory of Gary Boittiaux”.

      Hugs for the New Year!

  12. After seeing your web site and all you are doing I had to write and say what strong beautiful hearts you have. Gary would be so proud! I say this having known him very well as a little girl, he was my second cousin and some of my earliest memories are spending days with him and your mom when they first starting dating as they lived in the same apartment block as my family. He and your mom were soooo kind to me always welcoming me in for supper and making me feel special (I even remember your mom taking me to work with her at Ichiban as I didn’t want her to leave haha) take care, what a perfect legacy for Gary

    • Thanks Michelle! You’re sweet to say so. All of the best for the New Year and we will definitely send our mom your warm memories. Thank you again!

    • Yes Michelle, thank you! Especially for sharing your memories of dad and mom… love hearing about the impacts they had on you.. it’s what this site and our cause is about… Happy New Year!

  13. Human interest story always interest me. There is no better way to end 2013 than for your father’s legacy of kindness to strangers be broadcast on National News. I saw your story on the CTV news and my heart was so touched by what your father set out to do and what you and your sister are doing today to carry on the legacy of “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Your father must be extremely proud that his two jewels of a daughter are keeping ALIVE his gesture of pure love to his “neighbors” during the season of “giving”. As a preacher of God’s Word for 20 years to children I cannot see a better example of selfless love than what you and your sister are doing annually not only to honor your father but also to honor a life principle of GIVING in a time when peoples’ selfishness and greed prevail.
    I sincerely wish for you and yours a Merry Christmas and gave a wonderful family time. May God bless you and He will bless those who’s hearts are in tune with His!
    Rev. Wesley

    • Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to us! Our father was an amazing man and we’re just trying to carry on his beliefs. I truly believe that if we take the time to love one another, the feeling is infectious, and will be unable to do anything but spread.
      Again, thank you for the kind words. All the best to you and yours in 2014.

  14. I would just like to say Thank You very much me and my children were sitting together having lunch then we heard a knock at the door and they where so excited you just made their day today you showed them that there is nice people in the city .thank you so much and God Bless you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  15. We’ve just been hit by “The Gary Effect” here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,.,.,.thank you from my children and I. Happy Holidays to The Boittiaux Family and to you all!!! we will definitely keep passing random acts of kindness to others. β€” feeling blessed.

  16. I was visiting at a friends and you guys popped by and gave away chips and bubbles and u guys made a bunch of kids happy
    You rock!!!

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