T h e G a r y E🥚🥚f e c t!

Happy Easter everyone!

We’ve been busy hiding a bunch of “Easter eggs” around Winnipeg. Have you spotted one? Keep an eye out for eggs like these! If you find an egg you can’t use, please pay it forward to someone who can.

You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Tiktok for hints on where some of our eggs are hidden!

Here’s a link to our Instagram so you can join in on the fun: https://www.instagram.com/garyeffect/

Bear Clan donates 28 turkeys to the Gary Effect

He’s no stranger to kindness! James Favel donated 28 turkeys today, on behalf of Winnipeg’s Bear Clan Patrol! We are inspired so much by all the greatness the Bear Clan has done for not only the North End, but the Winnipeg community. THANK YOU, BEAR CLAN!

Perfect Christmas dinners?! CHECK! So excited to give these away with our team and the Bear Clan.. which is coming up very soon! If you see us, say hi! We might just have a gift for you!


If you’re interested in joining us, please feel free to contact us through our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thegaryeffect/



Gary Effect – Victoria, BC

Our cousin Jamie works very hard to celebrate the Gary Effect in Victoria, British Columbia!

So thankful to all the donors for this year’s Sandy Merriman Christmas gifts! The 25 ladies residing there will each get a bag with 10+ gifts of slippers, toiletries, cosmetics, socks, scarves, jewelry and much more…..along with 3 boxes of clothes, purses and jackets, and big platter of Christmas goodies.
The generosity of Victoria is so lovely.
Merry Christmas!

Santa’s Workshop – Full Effect



Staff at HFH took time out of their lunch hour to help us wrap today! Only a couple weeks left!

So thankful! It felt like Santa’s workshop!

We have been so busy wrapping, aiming to give every stranger we run into a gift on Gary Effect day! If you see us out and about say hiiiiiii 👋 watch for us, Winnipeg! This is for you!

The Gary Effect in British Columbia!


Our cousin, Jamie and Auntie Lori are behind the Gary Effect in Victoria, British Columbia. They send us all this update:

“Thank SO much to everyone that donated to this year’s women’s shelter gifts.  We were blessed with a hat and scarf, tons of toiletries and a TON of Clinique and Lancome cosmetics  for each lady.
Big thanks to everyone at Cameron Izard Snell….huge donors.
And thank you to Mother Nature’s Market….you saved us from having to spend on gift bags.

Merry Christmas everyone!”.

Can’t wait to hear the response from our BC fam on Gary Effect day! It’s coming up…!!!!!